April 17 - Jesus Is Passing By

By Alice Northcutt

Devotional Scripture: Luke 18:35–37

Central Thought: May we forget the crowds and recognize that Jesus is nearby.

    The President of the United States was coming to town. There was excitement in the air as throngs stood in the long lines waiting to pass through security and be admitted to the arena. As the President made his way inside the arena, the air was filled with awe. Many had risen long before daybreak and had waited for hours for this special moment. Now they were experiencing it—a glimpse of the President!

    When Jesus approached Jericho near the end of His ministry, crowds thronged about Him. There was excitement in the air. But there was also a blind man who could not see what was going on. When he inquired about the reason for the crowd, he was told that Jesus was passing by. It was then that the blind man began to call out to Jesus from his beggarly location by the roadside.

    The rebuke of the people did not quiet the blind man. Instead, he cried even louder for Jesus to have mercy on him. Can you imagine the hush of the crowd as Jesus stopped and commanded that the blind man be brought to Him? Perhaps the crowd expected Jesus to reprimand the man for causing a noisy disturbance. Whatever the expectations of the crowd, Jesus' response was one of love and concern as He inquired how He might help the man.

    The response of the blind man was straightforward and clear: "Lord, let me recover my sight." Jesus rewarded the man's faith and healed him of his blindness. May we also be bold and straightforward as we present our needs to Jesus. May the rebuke of the crowds around us never keep us from reaching out and calling out to Jesus with faith and submission.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me not to be hindered by the crowds but to remember that You are always nearby and ready to meet my needs when I reach out to You in faith.

Today's Bible Reading: Joshua 15:1-63; Luke 18:18-43; Psalm 86:1-17; Proverbs 13:9-10