April 16 - God Is Faithful

By Alice Northcutt

Devotional Scripture: Joshua 13:6

Central Thought: The eternal reward we are promised will be worth all the sacrifices we may be called upon to make.

    I was determined to bring my semester grade in high school Government up to 100%. The teacher had said he would increase a student's grade by one point for every ten typed pages of government-related documents he or she turned in. Since my grades were already in the mid-90 range, the task would not have seemed impossible if we had not had a test every Friday throughout the semester. I typed every spare moment. I was seldom seen without my portable manual typewriter (before electronic word processors and notebook computers) during those last few weeks of the semester.

    It was not an easy task, but I was determined. And I typed hundreds of pages, including the entire Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg address, the articles of the charter of the United Nations, and the list goes on. I had reached the point of exhaustion by the time I completed the last page that was required to bring my grade average to 100%. But the day came for report cards to be handed out. Would I really get a grade of 100% for the semester? Indeed I did! And I felt that it was worth all the extra effort.

    Perhaps the foregoing example describes how the Israelites felt when they finally received their inheritances in the Promised Land. They had spent 40 years in the wilderness, where they had been recipients of God's blessings. They had also received judgments along the way for their disobedience and complaining. They had finally crossed the Jordan River only to find many battles ahead of them before they received their promised inheritance. Now, it was time for Joshua to "allot the land to Israel for an inheritance" as the Lord had commanded.

    The Israelites' reward came only after they spent time in the wilderness and faced numerous battles with inhabitants of the Promised Land. We, too, are strengthened by the hard times we face in life if we face them with faith in the One True God Jehovah.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to grow in faith as I the face daily struggles You allow in my life.

Today's Bible Reading: Joshua 13:1-14:15; Luke 18:1-17; Psalm 85:1-13; Proverbs 13:7-8