April 12 - Seeking the Lost

By Don Bailey

Devotional Scripture: Luke 15:3-7

Central Thought: The Father goes to great lengths to find the lost.

    Losing a TV remote control seems like a traumatic experience to some people. Rather than simply going to the TV to change channels or adjust the sound, they spend a great deal of time looking under the sofa, chairs, cushions, or in various corners until they find their prized possession. There is always a great deal of relief when the remote is found.

    Imagine how God must feel when someone is rescued from sin's destructive clutches. No wonder today's reading says that God rejoices more over one lost person being saved than over 99 who are already righteous. This deep love for the lost caused God to send Jesus to pay the ultimate price for our sins. This type of love should inspire us to evaluate our own attitudes toward the lost.

    Do we find ourselves focusing more upon the negative traits we see in the lost? Maybe we notice how these people dress, how they speak, the types of entertainment they choose, or the destructive habits that enslave them. Rather than simply focusing on how unpleasant these things might be, we need to remember the great love God has for all of the lost. It was this love that He showed us when we first found Him.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, remind me of the joy You receive when someone turns from sin and comes to Christ.

Today's Bible Reading: Joshua 5:1-7:15; Luke 15:1-32; Psalm 81:1-16; Proverbs 13:1