April 11 - God Exalted Him

By Don Bailey

Devotional Scripture: Joshua 4:14-24

Central Thought: God stands with those who faithfully serve Him.

    Maurice was nervous when the boss called him into his office. He rarely spoke to the boss except to say hello when passing in the hallway. Maurice settled uneasily into the chair and waited for his boss to speak. The boss smiled and said, 'I just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your loyalty and hard work. You are an asset to the company and a model to our other workers.” Maurice left feeling affirmed that his hard work had been appreciated.

    Joshua needed some affirmation. Leading a nation such as Israel was hard enough work, but God also asked him to lead the people into their new homeland. Among his first tasks was getting as many as 2 million people across the Jordan River—and there were no four-lane bridges for them to cross on. God affirmed His call upon Joshua and led the people across the Jordan. The people even left a stone memorial as a testament to God's faithfulness, and God honored Joshua in the eyes of the people.

    We also need God's affirmation from time to time. It is good for us to be reminded that serving God faithfully is worth every bit of effort. Sometimes God uses other people to give that affirmation. At other times He blesses us with His peace, joy, and provision. Even when we do not sense His affirmation, we need to remember that serving Him is always worth the effort.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to remember that You are my provider and that You honor faithfulness.

Today's Bible Reading: Joshua 3:1-4:24; Luke 14:7-35; Psalm 80:1-19; Proverbs 12:27-28