March 22 - To Whom All Praise Is Due

By Julie McDonald

Today's Scripture: Psalm 65

Central Thought: How wonderful are those moments when we pause to consider the glory of God and His favor toward us.

    How wonderful are those times when we offer up to God nothing but praise—no complaints, no petitions, no fears, no issues at all do we bring Him because there is nothing at all we want except for Him to hear our praises. How wonderful are those moments when we pause to consider the glory of God and His favor toward us!

    He is the Compassionate King who answers prayers, who alone forgives our sins, and before whom all men must eventually bow. He is our Trust, our Confidence, our Assurance, our Keeper; He is the Hope of all creation to the ends of the earth and the farthest points of the sea. In His presence our souls are satisfied, and by His goodness we are fulfilled.

    He is the loving Gardener who carefully directs the rain and tills the earth; our faithful Provider whose hand supplies our every need. He is the Creator and Authority of all the earth. He forms the mountains and stills the roaring seas. He turns the hearts of nations and rescues them from their turmoil. Likewise, in His compassion He calms the turmoil in our own hearts and lives.

    Have you ever considered that every morning and every evening the dawn and sunset faithfully proclaim their beauty to the Creator, described by the Psalmist as their shouting for joy (Psalm 65:8). On the evening of 9/11 and the heartbreaking mornings that followed, the joyful shouts of dawn and sunset remained uninterrupted. How dare they flaunt such splendor and unabashed praise in the wake of our heartache and fear? How could they? To teach us that God is worthy of our praise—regardless of circumstances.

Devotional Prayer: Most awesome and gracious Father, move me to sit more often in silence that I might meditate on all Your works. Give me a heart to praise You for who You are, our holy God, King and Creator, who is worthy of all my praise—every morning, every evening, and in every situation.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 33:40-35:34; Luke 5:12-28; Psalm 65:1-13; Proverbs 11:23