March 21 - Praise is a Matter of Trust

By Julie McDonald

Today's Scripture: Psalm 64

Central Thought: We can trust in Him no matter how things appear.

    Two truths are given to us in Psalm 64. First, evil will pursue the innocent; second, God is faithful to those who fear Him. As Christians, we should not be surprised, and we must not be intimidated, when Satan uses others to lie about us, twist our words, or slander our character. We are reminded in John 15:18-21 that if the world hated Christ, it will also hate His followers. But God will not allow the weapons of the world to interfere with His plans for our lives and the work He has for us. He 'will bring them to ruin; all who see them will shake their heads in scorn” (Psalm 64:8, NIV).

    Psalm 64 illustrates the faith the Psalmist has in God, even before he receives an answer (verses 7–10, NIV): 'God will shoot them with arrows…He will turn their tongues against them…all mankind will fear…Let the righteous rejoice…let the upright in heart praise him!” Throughout his writings, David affirms and offers praise for what God will do in a particular situation. He presents his complaint, offers his plea, and then proclaims the faithfulness of God. David doesn't wait to see how God will answer before offering his praise. His trust is complete. He knows Who God is.

    The writings of the Psalmists speak to our lives in so many ways—articulating our pain and our fear and reminding us of all God is and all He desires to be for us. But if we look carefully, we will see that the power of the Psalms is rooted in the writers' unwavering trust. Praise came before the answer because of trust. We don't have to wait to see what God will do on our behalf; we can praise Him now because we know Who He is.

Devotional Prayer: Thank you, Father, for Who You are. You are righteous, all powerful, and all Your ways are perfect. You will keep me and protect me from the plans of the enemy. You will preserve my name and fulfill Your plan for my life. Thank You for Your faithfulness in every situation!

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 32:1-33:39; Luke 4:31-5:11; Psalm 64:1-10; Proverbs 11:22