March 20 - Seeking and Thirsting

By Julie McDonald

Today's Scripture: Psalm 63

Central Thought: Are we seeking God's presence or only His blessings?

    How often do you find yourself longing for God for no other reason than to be in His presence? What about when you don't need healing; when you're not struggling at work or in a relationship; or when there is nothing you want from God except to know Him better or to be near Him? The Psalmist, David, says his soul thirsts and his flesh yearns for God for no other reason than for who God is. Do we need a greater longing for God?

    Seeking God is a discipline we must develop—our selfish natures warrant it. It is too easy to make every prayer session a petition time for needs or desires. Does God not know our needs? Does He not know the desires of our hearts? Is His ability to answer our prayers dependent upon our petitions? Maybe it really is time to discipline ourselves—to set aside time, like David, to enjoy the presence of the Lord and meditate on His person, His power, His glory, and all He has done for us.

    How would you feel if your child never approached you or never wanted to sit in your lap or hold your hand, except to ask for something? If you have a teenager, you probably know what that feels like! (You also know how it can break your heart.) To be wanted simply for who you are, and not just for what you can give, is the greatest joy for any of us. It is the same with God. How He must rejoice in a child who earnestly seeks Him, longs for His presence, and finds complete and utter satisfaction in His embrace! Let each of us be such a child to our Father and return to Him the joy that His love gives us.

Devotional Prayer: Oh, Lord, give me a heart to earnestly seek You, and a soul to cling to You and thirst after You. In Your presence my soul is satisfied and, indeed, Your love is better than life.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 30:1-31:54; Luke 4:1-30; Psalm 63:1-11; Proverbs 11:20-21