March 19 - False Guardians of Trust

By Julie McDonald

Today's Scripture: Psalm 62

Central Thought: Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.

    Trust is a precious thing. We cling to it with both hands, holding it close to our hearts, being very careful about when and to whom we impart it. The gift of trust demonstrates that we have placed our reliance and our hope in people or things, or have committed what we deem valuable into the care of others. Where do you put your trust?

    The Psalmist learned that trust is easily misplaced. His disillusionment with the people around him and other false guardians of trust is evident in Psalm 62. People are two-faced and cannot be trusted. They tell you what you want to hear while they look to undermine you at every turn. It doesn't matter who they are, how wealthy, how educated, or what positions they hold. None of these qualities or attainments can guarantee their trustworthiness. Neither can you trust your own abilities or wisdom. As great as he had become, David realized that he was penetrable. He could protect and secure his life about as well as a leaning wall or a tottering fence could protect a city. Be forewarned, the Psalmist would advise. Should things happen to work your way—offering you the opportunity to bask in success—wrap yourselves in its warmth, but don't get too comfortable.

    We can place our trust for our future finances in our 401Ks, but Enron has clearly shown this would be an error in judgment. People will cheat us, the stock market will fail, countries will war, and nature will rampage on her own schedule. Our charisma may open doors and encourage followings, but this too is fleeting. In the end, we will be left with disappointment and exhaustion, like our Psalmist, and be forced to recognize what we surely have always known: God alone is my hope. God alone is my refuge, my salvation, and my rock. On God alone rests my honor, my reputation, my position, and all that is most dear to me.

Devotional Prayer: Father, thank You for reminding me that You alone are my source for all that I need, all that I have, and all that I will ever have. Show me where I have been guilty of placing my trust in anything or anyone but You, and help me to trust You more.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 28:16–29:40; Luke 3:23-38; Psalm 62:1-12; Proverbs 11:18-19