March 8 - The Cause and the Cure

By: Larry Thomas

Today's Scripture: Psalm 51:10

Central Thought: God forgives the acts we do and uproots the cause if we ask Him.

    Today's reading includes perhaps one of the most comforting psalms in the Bible. The writer's carefully concealed sin has been exposed, and he stands guilty before himself, his followers, and God. At this point he has two choices—rationalize his actions or repent of his actions. He chooses the later and throws himself on the mercy of God.

    Isn't it good to know that God is a God of forgiveness when we fail Him? Most likely we all have experienced this in our lives and know the relief that comes from confessing and repenting of our failure.

    This psalm contains another step that is often overlooked. It's in verse 10. The Psalmist goes beyond the act and goes directly to the cause—his heart and his spirit. He asks God to correct both of them because he knew where his failure originated.

    What a lesson! Only repenting of the sinful act virtually guarantees it will repeat itself at another time. The only lasting solution is a purified heart and a renewed spirit. A loving and caring God is capable of both.

Devotional Prayer: God, I pray, like the Psalmist, that You will not only forgive my sins but also go to the heart and spirit from which those acts come.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 10:1-11:23; Mark 14:1-21; Psalm 51:1-19; Proverbs 10:31-32