March 2 - A Godly Leader

By: David Martz

Today's Scripture: Mark 10:41-45

Central Thought: Giving our lives for others is a sign of a godly leader.

    While teaching a course on leadership in Kenya, the topic of servant leadership was debated by my students. It was revealing that they did not use the concept of slavery in their definition of servant. After all, Africans have a history of liberation from slavery. The words servant and leader may have various cultural interpretations around the world; however, what is universally understood is the dedication of an individual to help others.

    The world defines a leader as one who has followers, but Christ defines a leader as one who serves others. A worldly leader may lead on two feet with a strong hand, but the godly leader leads on his or her knees with an outreached hand. Perhaps the greatest image of leadership is the compassionate, outstretched arms of Jesus Christ on the cross that beckon people everywhere to come unto Him for eternal life. Godly leadership is a call to holiness in order to be become prepared for God's purposes. It is about helping others reach their potential in Jesus Christ, beginning with redemption and going on to discipleship. Leadership isn't about the leader; it's about the will of God and the individuals we help.

    Even some of the apostles associated greatness with leadership, but Jesus associated greatness with compassion. The religious leaders were considered to be great leaders, but not in the eyes of God Jesus' example was the Lamb of God who relentlessly reaches His arms out to the needs of others. He didn't delegate this task to others. He did it Himself.

    How do we lead others, and for what purpose? Are we motivated by God's will? Let's resolve to follow the example of the Lamb and not the Pharisees. Let's serve others with the hands of compassion, considering what is best for them rather that what is best for us.

Devotional Prayer: Father, give me a compassionate heart to develop the godly potential of those I serve. Forgive me if I have tried to lead them after my image and not Yours. Reveal to my heart attitudes or behaviors that may hinder my ability to serve. In Jesus name I pray.

Today's Bible Reading: Leviticus 25:47-27:13; Mark 10:32-52; Psalms 45:1-17; Proverbs 10:22