February 24 - He Has You on His Mind

By Louis Smith

Today's Scripture: Psalm 40:11–17

Central Thought: You're always on God's mind.

    American country music singer Willie Nelson scored a colossal hit in the early eighties with the beautiful love song, 'You Were Always on My Mind.” In fact, it soared to the number one spot on the country music charts. People who didn't even like country music found the haunting tune touching, and they all remembered the part, 'you were always on my mind.”

    We like to know that we're in the thoughts and in the hearts of those who care about us. It's comforting to hear the simple words, 'I've been thinking of you,” when we have been going through a difficult time. 'You've been on my mind” can give us a sense of support when we find life has become a continual uphill climb.

    In Psalm 40, David expressed his confidence in being on the Lord's mind (verse 17). Whatever was going on in David's life, it was a difficult time. Earlier in the Psalm, he described his situation as 'the pit of destruction” and 'the miry bog” (verse 2, ESV). But he was confident of God's mercy and preservation (verse 11), in spite of the fact that he felt surrounded by evil and even overcome by his own failings (verse 12). In verse 13, he pleaded for God to make haste and help him.

    Did David's confidence in the Lord, in spite of his own harsh circumstances, improve his situation at all? Evidently it did, for he went on to write of an approaching day when his enemies would fall in shame (verse 14), and he would experience divine deliverance (verse 17).

    Where did this confidence in the midst of such overwhelming problems come from? The answer comes in the final verse: '…but the Lord takes thought for me” (verse 17, ESV). Just the knowledge that he was on God's mind strengthened David's confidence in God's help and deliverance.

    You may find yourself today in a difficult situation. You may even be reaping the results of your own mistakes. Like David, you may feel like you're overwhelmed and sinking in troubles beyond your ability to handle. But take heart. God is merciful and willing to help. And He always has you on His mind! Use this Psalm to remind yourself of that truth. Because of God's great care and concern for you, a better day lies ahead.

Devotional Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that I am always on Your mind.

Today's Bible Reading: Leviticus 15:1-16:28; Mark 7:1-23; Psalm 40:11-17; Proverbs 10:13-14