February 14 - With God There Is Hope

By Mike Clarensau

Scripture: Matthew 28:1–10

Central Thought: In the darkest hour God still controls the light.

    The God of the impossible did the impossible. They saw Him die. Brutalized and bleeding, He cried out to heaven and gained no response. He slumped in agony, leaving those who loved Him void of hope. They followed His body to the grave and saw the huge stone rolled into place. They knew it was over.

    And then, what they knew seemed uncertain. Imagine the haze that settled over their thoughts as the angel spoke to them. The evidence was there—empty tomb, empty grave clothes, angels in place of Roman soldiers. But how could this be? Could their loss truly be restored? It was a scenario that even His miracles had not taught them to anticipate.

    He's alive! About the time these women gained their balance, he appeared from around the corner. No angel this time. The real Jesus Himself stood before them, and the reality of rushing hope surged through their every fiber. He was alive! Not just in their theology or the firm hope of a someday resurrection, but He was alive and within arm's reach.

    Hope is never lost when God is involved. In those moments where all seems lost—game over, you lose—there is still a miraculous friend at your side. Never quit, never lose hope, never doubt that the purposes of God will conquer even your darkest hour.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to trust You even when circumstances have grown dark. Keep me from viewing my life through the eyes of my situation. Let me see You and Your power as my greatest hope.

Today's Bible Reading: Exodus 37:1–38:31; Matthew 28:1–20; Psalm 34:11–22; Proverbs 9:9–10