February 13 - No One Understood

By Mike Clarensau

Devotional Scripture: Matthew 27:41–47

Central Thought: The ways of God are often hidden by mankind's limited understanding.

    They didn't understand Him. 'If you're the Son of God!” they screamed at Him and then proclaimed what they thought God's Son would do. Surely He'd save himself. Surely He'd fight for His own life. Surely He'd kill anyone who tried to kill Him. But they didn't understand Him.

    Their words hold an interesting threat. They challenged Him to be God. They thumbed their collective noses at Him and dared Him to do something about it. 'If you're the Son of God, stop us!” How fortunate for them that the Son of God had a different agenda.

    Because He was whom He claimed, He knew what only He could know. He had come to die, not to avoid death's sting. He had come to rescue lost humanity and open the door of eternity. He had come for them and would die for them, while they would taunt Him for His apparent weakness. He couldn't even stop a few Romans from brutalizing Him. How could He be God?

    But He was and He is. When His final breath escaped through parched lips, the earth shook, the sky grew dark, and heaven punctuated the fulfillment of God's greatest plan with claps of violent thunder. Then they knew. Then they understood. Even a pagan guard, who would know nothing of the religion they claimed to protect, was heard to mumble, 'This was the Son of God.”

Devotional Prayer: Lord, save me from my unbelief. Don't allow me to be driven by my ideas of who You should be. Teach me to trust Your ways and Your wisdom, for in them is the way of truth.

Today's Bible Reading: Exodus 35:10–36:38; Matthew 27:32–66; Psalm 34:1–10; Proverbs 9:7–8