February 8 - Expressing Worship

By Mike Clarensau

Devotional Scripture: Matthew 26:6-10

Central Thought: The act of worship is an expression of one's heart.

    No one enjoys being criticized. Even constructive criticism seldom feels too good, especially when the criticism matters to you deeply. But that's what happened. She entered a room where her mere presence was a risk. She poured her greatest treasure on the One who held her heart, her very being gushing forth with the splash of the perfume. There would be no inconspicuous slinking from the room. The aroma had altered the atmosphere. What she had done took center stage…and she was criticized.

    In the moment of the extraordinary—of doing her absolute best—the onlookers laid back and clucked their collective tongues in scrutiny and found her wanting. The judges had ruled, and their scorecards said 'not good enough,” 'inappropriate,” 'an extravagant waste,” 'doesn't she know better?” Thankfully, the One whose opinion mattered most looked on in admiration.

    It was an extraordinary act of worship. There is no record of who suggested it or any evidence of a co-conspirator. She was just a woman overcome by her gratitude for a Savior that had rescued her life, and she did what her heart told her. Cost was no consideration; the reaction of others hadn't been her concern. She simply brought her greatest treasure to the One who had proven even greater…and she worshipped Him.

    Jesus understood. He knew the true nature of worship wasn't to be measured against the offerings of others. He recognized that her sole aim was not to gain attention, but to simply pour herself out in love for her Lord. That's what she did, and that's what makes true worship a fragrant gift to our God.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, see my heart and understand that I treasure nothing like I treasure You. Receive all I have and all I am. It's all I have to give.

Today's Bible Reading: Exodus 28:1-43; Matthew 25:31-26:13; Psalm 31:9-18; Proverbs 8:12-13