February 2 - Our Daily Bread

By David Thomas

Today's Scripture: Exodus 16

Central Thought: God wants to supply our needs on a daily basis.

    Perhaps it was the hunger pangs talking. What else could make the Israelites wish in Exodus 16 that they were back in Egypt? Sure, there was plenty of food in Egypt, but the rest of the living conditions were not much to speak of. That is why they asked God to get them out of there to begin with.

    The Israelites could remember the storehouses filled with food, but they had forgotten the source of that food. More important, they failed to see God as the Source who could meet their current needs. God heard their cries for food and again proved He was capable of meeting the Israelites' needs. In this instance, He would supply bread from heaven.

    God's only requirement was that they gather the food daily—with the exception of the day before the Sabbath. On this day they were to gather two days' worth of food—rather than store up food as they had done in Egypt. Why? Perhaps God wanted the Israelites to recognize Him as their source on a daily basis. God desired to meet the needs of His children each day and, in turn, He wanted them to acknowledge their dependence on Him on a daily basis.

    That is the same principle Jesus taught in the New Testament through the Lord's Prayer. 'Give us this day our daily bread…” Jesus said in Matthew 6:11. Daily. That is how often God wants us to look to Him as our Source for all needs. That also is how often He wants us to acknowledge our dependence on Him.

Devotional Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for supplying my needs. May I daily be reminded that You are my Source for everything I need.

Today's Bible Reading: Exodus 15:19-17:7; Matthew 22:1-33; Psalm 27:1-6; Proverbs 6:20-26