January 25 - Pay Attention!

By Mary Smith

Devotional Scripture: Proverbs 5:1-6

Central Thought: Wisdom is listening to good advice from others.

    'If you feel like taking a tour of the city,” our friend warned us, 'let me know. I'll take you around. If you do it by yourself, you're sure to get lost.” The man knew what he was talking about. He had lived in this large metropolitan area for years and knew his way around it. We had been there for only two days but thought we were seasoned travelers! After all, we had found our way around big cities before without anyone's help. Why would this city be any different? Confident, we struck out on our own and headed for the historic downtown area, looking forward to seeing the sites.

    Funny, but I don't remember seeing a single site that day. What I do remember is getting lost—thoroughly, beyond a shadow of a doubt off course and confused. We didn't really know where we were, nor did we have any idea of how to get back to our host's home. If only we had paid attention to our friend's advice!

    Life can be very similar to getting lost in a large city if we are not careful. We think we know where we are going, but we are really lost. Fortunately, we have a Friend who beckons us in Proverbs 5:1 to 'pay attention” to His unlimited wisdom. By doing so, we gain sound judgment (verse 2). What happens if we ignore God's wisdom? We can quickly and easily fall into moral traps like the one described in verses 2 through 6—traps that are easy to fall into, but very difficult to get out of.

    We all need direction in life, and the best source is God's timeless wisdom. Let us listen to His Word and pattern our behavior after its instruction. If we do, we won't find ourselves lost and confused.

Devotional Prayer: Oh, God, teach me to learn to listen when You give me direction.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 50:1- Exodus 2:10; Matthew 16:13-17:9; Psalm 21:1-13; Proverbs 5:1-6