January 24 - Help!

By Mary Smith

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 20:1-9

Central Thought: The only one we can trust during dark days is God.

    It all worked properly until Christmas Day in 2000. Until then, we could flip a switch and expect light to fill a dark room. We could adjust the thermostat and warm the room with heat. A single ice storm changed all of that. Bad weather knocked out a substation, and thousands of people in our area were without power for a full week. All we could do was light candles, burn wood in a stove or fireplace, huddle together for warmth, or move to a city where the power was still available.

    We learned a hard lesson that week and made up our minds not to trust in something that could fail us again. Since the 2000 storm, a lot of people in our area have purchased wood-burning stoves and generators—just in case this kind of weather repeats itself.

    Psalm 20:1 admits that we go through personal storms in our lives. It mentions 'the day of trouble” and our need for a defender during those difficult times. Whom can we trust to help us through those dark days? The psalmist's answer is clear—the Lord. He will answer our prayers and even defend us (verse 1). He will send help straight from heaven (verse 2) and grant our hearts' desires (verse 4). This Psalm assures us that the day will come when we will rejoice in His deliverance (verse 5).

    Knowing this, how should we live? We should live in trust…confident of God's help, placing our trust in Him and not in our own resources (verse 7). Storms will come, and our own strength and means may fail us, but the Lord will remain steadfast. Trust in Him!

Devotional Prayer: Lord, thank you that we can trust You when everything else goes wrong or fails us.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 48:1-:33; Matthew 15:29-16:12; Psalm 20:1-9; Proverbs 4:20-27