January 23 - The Perfect Law

By Mary Smith

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 19:1-14

Central Thought: God's law is a perfect law.

    Step into the Pacific Ocean along the shores of Oregon in your stocking feet, and you could find yourself in trouble with the law. If you refer to a politician in Texas as 'big,” 'giant,” or 'humungous,” you could run afoul of a statute too. Do the same in Rhode Island, but use adjectives like 'small,” 'tiny,” or 'teensy-weensy,” and—you guessed it—trouble again! In reality, it's not likely you'll ever get fined or jailed for these infractions. But laws like these exist on the books. It's a problem more than one state faces: antiquated laws.

    Man's laws are like that—imperfect, changing with time, applicable at one time but not another. What a contrast we find when we consider God's laws! In Psalm 19 the psalmist referred to it as 'perfect” (verse 7). And little wonder—God authored it. This is the God whose glory the heavens and earth declare in verses 1 through 6. Psalm 19 offers ample evidence of the perfection of God's law. Even a simple person, for instance, can find wisdom therein (verse 7). The human heart can find much-needed rejoicing in its word (verse 8). Like 'the fear of the Lord,” God's Word endures forever (verse 9).

    Man's old, out-of-date laws provide us with little more than a laugh today. We really don't even need them. But God's Word is more precious than 'much fine gold” (verse 10). You can ignore an old law in Oregon, keep your socks on and go wade in the ocean without fear of arrest. But we ignore God's law at our own peril. Instead, we should consult it daily and live by its precepts every moment of our lives.

Devotional Prayer: God, thank You for Your law that will never be outdated.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 46:1-47:31; Matthew 15:1-28; Psalm 19:1-14; Proverbs 4:14-19