January 21 - The Rescuer

By David Martz

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 18:16, 17

Central Thought: God will always reach down to where you are.

    The eyes of the seven-year-old sparkled. A smile streamed across his face as he watched the baby robin flap its wings and try to fly. The intrigued lad carefully approached the young aviator and swept it up with cheering hands. But then, the startled fledgling called out to heaven. A streak of orange-brown dropped out of nowhere like a lightning bolt. Fearing for his life, the child released the mother's brood, covered his head, and made a mad dash to the back porch. The vigilant mother robin had rescued her young.

    That poor little boy who loved the outdoors and nature learned a lesson. Mama birds protect their babies! Nature provides many life lessons that remind us of God. Psalm 18:16 speaks of the delivering nature and power of God, reaching down for us. The metaphor of the Lord's reaching down to rescue us is appropriate, not just because He is in heaven and we are on earth. He reaches down because, in many ways, life tends to bring us down. People can say something that hurts or discourages us. Disappointments can set us back. Sickness can zap our strength and vitality. Sorrow can take away our hope and desire to live.

    What has happened to you? What expectations have gone unfulfilled? What pain has been inflicted? Who has disappointed you? What goals might you never achieve? As long as we live on earth in these bodies, we will need to look up to God in heaven and find deliverance in Him.

    Do you feel like that vulnerable baby robin? If so, call out to God today, just as the little aviator cried out to its mother. God will reach down from on high and rescue you.

Devotional Prayer: Father, help me to call out to You today, believing that You will reach down and deliver me.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 42:18-43:34; Matthew 13:47-14:12; Psalm 18:16-36; Proverbs 4:7-10