January 19 - The Lord Was With Joseph

By David Martz

Devotional Scripture: Genesis 39:1-6

Central Thought: People can recognize those who walk with God.

    Has anyone ever come up to you and asked if you were a believer? Our actions, reactions, vocabulary, tone of voice, and behavior can give us away every time! Believers in the Old Testament were also known by their lives and works, especially Joseph.

    The text reads that 'the Lord was with Joseph and he became a successful man.…” God caused everything he did to prosper; He gave him favor in the eyes of his leaders and wisdom to interpret dreams. It is interesting how God used the difficult circumstances of Joseph's life to make a diamond from a piece of coal. It appears that Joseph's life was a custom-training program to prepare him as a ruler of Egypt.

    When I was stationed at a new base during my tour of duty in the Navy, I would try to find other Christians. Some of my methods included listening to how people talked, observing their attitudes and actions, and determining whether they prayed before a meal (I actually went to the mess hall to find anyone who prayed before his meal). Society wants believers to conform to the world, but it is exciting to see someone walk with God in a way that captures the attention of others, believers and nonbelievers alike. Being godly doesn't always mean others will like us, but they will know whom we serve because they see aspects of the nature of Jesus Christ in us.

    We know what set Joseph apart when he was in slavery and prison, but what sets us apart in a way that identifies us as men or women of God? How can we reveal the life of Christ in our lives today? It is my belief that as we cultivate His nature into our lives day by day, others will take notice.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to be more like You so others will see You in me.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 39:1-41:16; Matthew 12:46-13:23; Psalm 17:1-15; Proverbs 3:33-35