January 11 - The Original Promise Keeper

Devotional Scripture: Genesis 26:3, 24

Central Thought: God will always keep His Word to you.

    Without question, God is a God of promises. His Word is filled with them from Genesis forward. The thing that makes Him unique is that He has never broken, nor will He ever break, one He has made. Some of them may not happen when we expect them to happen, but at some point they will come to pass. Let's look at some of the promises God made.

    God promised to protect and provide for those who obey Him. Isaac had witnessed that through the life of his father, Abraham. Now God was extending that promise to Isaac. But God did not stop there. We see similar promises from Him in the books of Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Matthew, and Acts. God keeps those promises consistently throughout all of Scripture. But God did not stop there either. That same promise and God's same provision continues today. It is important that we, like Abraham, allow younger generations to see God at work in our lives, to make them aware of His promises kept. And, like Isaac, it is important that the younger generations continue to honor God in their lives.

    Nothing changed from Abraham to Isaac, and nothing has changed from Isaac to us: God still desires to protect and provide for those who love and obey Him. What do you need today? Forgiveness? Compassion? Direction? God has made promises in His Word regarding these and any other need you may have. Trust Him to keep His Word, and wait on Him to fulfill His promises to you.

Devotional Prayer: Oh, God, it's good to know that while others may break their promises, You never will.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 24:52-26:16; Matthew 8:18-34; Psalm 10:1-15; Proverbs 3:7-8