December 27 - Strong in His Power

By Don Bailey

Today's Scripture: Zechariah 10:6-12

Central Thought: God desires to bless His people to be strong in His power.

    Brownouts—few things bring more dread on a cold winter night than the thought of a power outage. Those who depend on electricity for heat begin piling on the blankets or find a warmer place to go. Fireplaces and wood stoves go to work at other homes keeping people warm. People depend heavily on the power of their utilities to keep their homes warm and bright.

    Zechariah speaks of another, far more important source in today's reading. That power is from the Lord and is given to His people as part of their restoration. Israel had long been in captivity and now, in addition to returning to their Land, they would be filled with the Lord's strength.

    Believers today need this power in order to be effective servants for the Lord. We face huge challenges in being witnesses and standing strong in the Lord against forces of evil. Because of these needs, we need to continually allow the Lord to pour His strength into our lives. The more we allow this to happen, the stronger and more effective we will be for Him. We need to be strong in the Lord.

Devotional Prayer: Thank You for the power You have poured into my life.

Today's Bible Reading: Zechariah 10:1-11:17; Revelation 18:1-24; Psalm 146:1-10; Proverbs 30:33