December 21 - Invitation to Fellowship

By Barbara Lighthizer

Today's Scripture: Zechariah 1:1-21

Central Thought: God always sends a warning.

    The Jewish nation did not seem to learn from their mistakes. Throughout the Old Testament, we see God showing His mighty power in the lives of His chosen people. It did not appear to make a lasting impression on them. Time after time they turned their backs on God and began to worship idols.

    The Lord, in His mercy and patience, sent prophets to ask the Jews to repent and return to Him. If they refused, God warned them of impending judgment. Generation after generation continued the same cycle:

  • worshiping God
  • turning away from God to worships idols
  • calling from God to repent
  • ignoring God's call to repent
  • warning of God's judgment
  • receiving God's judgment
  • repenting and turning back to God

    It is the same today. We may find ourselves going through the same cycles as the Israelites. Our idols may not be images like those in Bible times, but anything or anyone that comes before the Lord in our lives is our idol. We have the Word of God to help us learn how to avoid the mistakes Israel made, and Christ will give us the wisdom we need—if we ask. His invitation to repent and fellowship with Him is for us.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to avoid the cycles that Israel went through. Teach me to live a life free from idols. I do not want to allow anyone or anything to come before You. I need Your help!

Today's Bible Reading: Zechariah 1:1-21; Revelation 12:1-17; Psalm 140:1-13; Proverbs 30:17