October 20 - It Is Still Good News.

By Travis Busby

Today's Scripture: Proverbs 25:25 (NIV)

Central Thought: Will I be a vessel to share the Good News?

    'Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” How many of us enjoy good news? Good news is refreshing to the wearied soul. Good news can change a person's attitude from bad to good. We all like to receive good news from our doctor. But there is good news for everyone.

    Jacob's heart was broken and he lived in a dry land when he thought  his son, Joseph, was dead. It was years later that Joseph's brothers returned from a trip to Egypt and brought articles of Joseph and a message from Joseph to Jacob. The account is given in Genesis 45:27-28 (NIV), 'But when they told him everything Joseph had said to them, and when he saw the carts Joseph had sent to carry him back, the spirit of their father Jacob revived. And Israel [Jacob] said, 'I'm convinced! My son Joseph is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.'” Jacob was renewed in his soul because of the good news that his son was still alive.

    The Gospel is Good News. Rick Warren has stated this well by saying, 'Remember, the Gospel is still good and it is news to someone.” To the many who are without a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Gospel must be shared with them. Many are dry from seeing water in every place except the true well of life. We have the answer. We have the good news. We are compelled by the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) to go and share the good news.

Devotional Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank You that I have received the Good News. I pray that I will be a vessel to share Your good news with weary souls. Help me to realize how much of a difference it will make in someone who is lost.

Today's Bible Reading: Jeremiah 35:1-36:32; 1 Timothy 5:1-25; Psalm 89:14-37; Proverbs 25:25-27