April 26 - Progression toward Remorse

By Sylvia Stewart

Today's Scripture: Luke 22:54-62

Central Thought: Distancing ourselves from our Lord, even to the smallest degree, begins a progression towards remorse.

    Peter's first mistake after Jesus was seized and led away was to follow Jesus at a distance (verse 54), thereby showing his reluctance to be identified with Jesus. Next, he overtly identified himself with the crowd by sitting down with them to warm himself at their fire (verse 55). Peter then lied repeatedly (verses 57-60) until his emotions were so involved that he began cursing and swearing that he didn't know Jesus.

    After Peter's final denial, one look from Jesus reminded Peter of Jesus' prediction that he would deny Jesus. It broke his heart and he wept bitterly in remorse (verse 62).

    We, like Peter, may find it more comfortable to warm ourselves at a worldly fire than to identify ourselves with Christ. Does what we watch on television, how we dress and wear our hair, and what we purchase identify us with Christ or with the world? Will people know we are Christians by our truthfulness? Is our conversation filled with expletives that distance us from Christ?

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to have the courage to openly declare that You are my Lord. May I be true to You in what I watch, the way I speak and dress, and in what I purchase. May every facet of my life bring glory to Your name.

Today's Bible Reading: Judges 6:1-40; Luke 22:54-23:12; Psalm 95:1-96:13; Proverbs 14:5-6.