March 16 - Big God

By Louis Smith

Today's Scripture: Psalm 59:1-17

Central Thought: Remembering the greatness of God can help you through the greatest of problems.

    Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth President of the United States, summed up his foreign policy with a simple statement he borrowed from African culture: 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Judging from many of the Psalms, David may have agreed with that last part: 'carry a big stick.” In the case of Psalm 59, he might have said, 'Carry a big God.”

    The heading of this Psalm links it with events recorded in 1 Samuel 19. Saul sent troops to kill David when he left his house the next morning (1 Samuel 19:11). Michal—David's wife and Saul's daughter—helped David escape. This Psalm shows that David placed his confidence in God during the ordeal.

    Note the ways David described God in this Psalm. First, he saw God as his Deliverer (verses 1, 2). Later, he referred to God as his Strength (verses 9 and 17) and a 'shield” (verse 11). In verse 16, he recalled that God had been 'a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.”

    This provides a great picture of God, a picture we need to keep in mind during our own times of distress. He can rescue us from the trouble we face. But even if He doesn't do that, He can provide us the strength we need to face it. Like a soldier's shield, God can protect us from the difficulties life hurls at us. We can flee to Him as our strong refuge, the fortress where we can find peace and security when problems swirl around us.

    As a song said, we serve 'a great big wonderful God.” When we face our stressful times, He goes with us. And He is greater than any dilemma we encounter.

Devotional Prayer: God, help me keep in mind Your greatness, and not just the greatness of the problems I face.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 24:1-25:18; Luke 2:1-35; Psalm 59:1-17; Proverbs 11:14