March 10 - Go Forward

By Samuel Mathai

Today's Scriptures: Numbers 14:8-9

Central Thought: When we feel that the task is too great, we must go forward with faith that the Lord will go with us.

    When was the last time you faced a situation you felt there was no way out of? As the children of Israel were coming out of Egypt on the way to Canaan, they faced such a situation. The Egyptian army was about to overtake them, the Red Sea was in front of them, and mountains were on their right and left. The Israelites were faced with the question of what to do when they were caught in an extremely precarious situation.

    The threefold solution is found in Exodus 14:13: (1) Do not be afraid, (2) stand still, and (3) see the salvation. Verse 14 describes the assurance that God will fight for you. And verse 15 advises that it is time for action: 'Go forward.” As the people of Israel took the step of faith to go forward, the Lord caused the sea to divide and make a path for them to pass through.

    In today's Scripture reading in Numbers chapter 14, the children of Israel were again at a point that seemed impossible. They could either go forward into Canaan, the land of Promise, or they could fear the obstacles looming before them. They gave in to the circumstances and were consigned to forty years of wandering in the wilderness before the promise was fulfilled.

    Although God is ready to fight for us, He expects us to take action according to the instructions He has given us. God fights for us, but we must put faith into action and go forward.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your promise to fight for us in our dire situations. Help us to move forward in faith according to Your will.

Today's Bible Reading: Numbers 14:1-15:16; Mark 14:53-72; Psalm 53:1-6; Proverbs 11:4