December 24 - Like a Locust

By Mike Clarensau

Today's Scripture: Proverbs 30:24-28

Central Thought: God often reveals His wisdom in the seemingly insignificant.

    Wisdom comes in interesting packages. We often seek it in the magnificent, the quintessential successes that surround us. Surely wisdom comes from the one who possesses the most, or perhaps from the one who has achieved the greatest. It must be among the giants that real wisdom can be found, so we gobble up their words and seek insight and motivation from their stories.

    But wisdom may come from some smaller places. No corporate logo bears the image of an ant—except for the occasional exterminator. Statues of the coney are rare. The locust is not a favorite household pet, and a lizard is only admired when the movies make him large enough to swallow a city. But pearls of wisdom may be dangling from their fuzzy or slimy little necks.

    Certainly God has given us His Word to teach us the path of life. But, He has also surrounded us with visual lessons, if we will only stoop down and take a look. The grasshopper may live a charmed life with his superior jumping ability, but you would probably do better in winter to hang out with the ants, because they understand stewardship and planning. Seeing a locust may cause you to run for the industrial-strength flyswatter, but you could learn the power of teamwork by watching that little buzzer.

    God has an amazing way of revealing His wisdom in the routine moments of our day. If our eyes are focused on Him and our hearts aren't full of worldly agenda, we can see those remarkable lessons clearly and find them to be great instruction for every day.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, teach me how to live. I want to keep my attention on You so I can see the path You want me to take. Make it clear for me, God, because my eyes are sometimes drawn to other things.

Today's Bible Reading: Zechariah 6:1-7:14; Revelation 15:1-8; Psalm 143:1-12; Proverbs 30:24-28