March 16 More Broken Hearts than Swelled Heads

A High Honor - a Weekly Devotion for Ministers.
A minister told of an interesting service he was asked to conduct in a church that had just buried its pastor.

It was a memorial service in the pastor’s honor.

The people overflowed the place.

One speaker praised him as a preacher, another told of his love and compassion, others spoke of him as a friend, neighbor, father, and so on to the end.

When it came his time to speak, the minister spoke as follows,

“All you have said of my dead brother is true. He was a man out of the ordinary, and gave of his remarkable powers to your service without stint or reserve.

"However, if you had, while he was alive, filled those pews as you have today, he would not now be dead.

"Empty pews broke his heart, and he did not know of the love which you have been speaking. He died for the lack of the things you have today so beautifully said and done.”1

 “Your spiritual leaders are constantly keeping watch over your souls. Do your part to let them do this with gladness and not with sighing and groaning” (Hebrews 13:17). 

“More preachers die from broken hearts than from swelled heads!”2

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