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Just an Ordinary Preacher

It has been pointed out that preachers fall into four categories

  1. Those who do not use notes so the audience has no idea how long they will speak.
  2. Those who lay each page of their sermon down in front of them as they read it. These honest ones enable the audience to keep track of how much more is to come.
  3. Those who cheat by putting each sheet of notes under the others in their hand.
  4. And, worst of all, those who put down each sheet of notes as it is read – and then horrify the audience by picking up the whole bunch and reading from the other side.”1

     “God has made known His Word and revealed it as His message through preaching entrusted to me by command of God our Savior” (Titus 1:3). “Entrusted” means “which was committed unto me.”

     “I’m not a great preacher, and I don’t claim to be a great preacher…I’m an ordinary preacher, just communicating the Gospel in the best way I know how” (Billy Graham).2


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