June 24 - Which Is Worst?

Which Is Worst?


We are going to listen in on one of those serious daughter-to-mother talks, one of the kind that really gets down to where we live. The daughter is quite thoughtful and asks her mother, "Mom, which is worse...to tell a lie or steal something?"

The mother replied, "Well, both are sinful activities, they are both bad and I'm not sure which one is the worse." The daughter is quiet and the mom is thoughtful.

"Mom," the daughter replies, "I've been thinking about this a lot and I think it's worse to lie than to steal."

Then the mother asks, "Okay...please tell me why you think like this."

"Well, you see, Mom, it's like this," replies the daughter, "If you steal something, you can take it back, unless you have eaten it and in that case you can pay it back. Or if you used it and ruined it, you can always buy another one and give it back. BUT when you tell a lie, it is forever!"

Smart, thoughtful daughter and I believe I agree with her thinking. A lie can easily destroy reputations, it can ruin relationships, and destroy trust.

AND...I'm delighted to tell you that both lying and stealing can be forgiven and that eternal forgiveness is found by repentance and accepting the forgiveness that is only found in our relationships with Jesus Christ!

Other people can usually determine our character by observing what we stand for, what we fall for, and what we will lie for! As you me...I am for living without lying or stealing! How about you?

"You shall not steal. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor" (Exodus 20:15-16).