March 28 - Why would you waste your time doing something great for God?

Why would you waste your time doing something great for God?


This is a question you may never have asked yourself: WHY WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR L IFE DOING SOME MERELY GREAT FOR GOD? Yes, you heard me right. WHY? There are lots of people doing great things in this world without God's help. Read any business journal or any service club's magazine. For example, the world's "ROTARY CLUBS" have wiped out polio in the world.

So...why would you want to waste your life doing merely something great for God, WHEN YOU COULD BE DOING THE "IMPOSSIBLE" WITH GOD'S HELP?! If something is IMPOSSIBLE, it is impossible for any of us! But if I read my Bible correctly...we serve a GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE! For example, Jesus fed 5,000 men along with 10,000 to 20,000 women and children with a little boy's lunch. There were 12 baskets left over! Immediately after this miracle...Jesus put his disciples into a boat and a storm came up and Jesus and PETER walked on the water. Both impossible for any of us...but not impossible with God!

A family gathers around the supper table and the father announces, "We are going to ask God to do the impossible!" He had their undivided attention. What? "I am asking the Lord to make it possible for us to live on 10% of our income and give the other 90% to the Lord and His church!" They're the numbers, we can't do this, it's impossible.

The next Sunday, the father writes a check for 90% to the church and has done it every Sunday since. He had begun a small business in his garage and God blessed it. ON THE 10% THIS FAMILY LIVES ON, THEY ARE NOW SUPPORTING, FULLY, 300 FULL TIME MISSIONARIES! Impossible? Not with God! (Source, Dr. David Gibbs, founder of Christian Legal Association, CLA)

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26)!