March 25 - Do Something Out Of The Ordinary!

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary!


Why does it seem to me that every teen wants to be a movie star, rock star, professional athlete, doctor or lawyer? Are you aware that there are more than 20,000 other choices of what you could do with your life?

If you live a "normal" typical life...working forty hours a week until you retire at age 65, you will likely be spending something in the neighborhood of 86,000 hours on the job of your choice. Doesn't it make sense that you should consider all of your options or at least as many as you possibly can before you settle on a life's work?

Chris had always thought it would be cool to be a lawyer. So on a school break he visited his grandparents who were quite well connected in their community. Arrangements were made so Chris could shadow two different lawyers, one was a criminal defense attorney and the other was a corporate attorney, for four days. At the conclusion of a wonderful time of exploring these new mysterious worlds he had made a choice. Chris said: "Being a lawyer is something I could not do and do want to do." The outcome, he changed his college major and is working on a doctorate degree so he can become an English professor and professional writer.

He considered his options. Of those 20,000 plus possibilities "out there" is there something you'd really like to do the rest of your life? Check it out. Make a satisfying choice. And of the process, have you ever asked the Lord, "What would you have me to do?" While you are making these important life choices...choice wisely, choose the best...reach high, don't settle for second best.

"Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work" (Exodus 23:12).