March 24 - Right Is Right...Wrong Is Wrong

Right Is Right...Wrong Is Wrong


Life is really all about making choices! There are right choices, good choices, wrong choices, luke-warm choices, evil choices and you're getting the idea. Nobody makes the right choices all the time. Understand...there are no perfect teens, no perfect parents, no perfect siblings. And that's just okay because we are all human and humans make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of growing up and can be very useful because of the lessons learned. Plus...there's forgiveness!

The older we get the more easily we should be able to see the differences between right and wrong choices which can lead to right or wrong actions. This is more than the simple day to day decisions...decisions are such things as what to wear to school, what magazine to buy, what kind of a hamburger to buy and so on.

Life is loaded with CHOICES. Am I going to lie to my parents about my activities? Will I cheat on my boyfriend? Will I cheat on my girlfriend? Will I cheat on the next English test? Will I cheat on my entrance exam for college? If or when you make a bad choice and follow it up with a wrong can fool some of your crowd or you might even fool everybody! BUT you can never fool yourself! And "yourself" is who you will have to live with the rest of your life!

One of life's greatest lessons to learn is that happiness is all about doing the right thing time after time! There is no such thing as a "kind" of right or a "sort" of wrong and no amount of fun, popularity can change a wrong into a right. Only Jesus Christ can forgive a wrong and make right. Wrong is wrong, Right is right. DO THE RIGHT THING!

"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor" (Exodus 20:16).