March 23 - Generosity...have You Ever Tried It?

Generosity...have You Ever Tried It?


Generosity can even be a simple gesture that makes a difference in somebody else's life. Consider the story of Raymond Chan who was formerly Canada's Secretary of State for Asia. He came to Canada with only $20 in his pocket. His sister had given him a job in her modest shop in Vancouver. Every day he rode the bus to work.

One rainy day he wore a coat and hat not typical in was what you would wear on a rainy day in Hong Kong. He realized he would recognized as a foreigner and his lousy English made him afraid.

When he arrived at the bus stop, two quite tall Canadian ladies were in serious conversation and Raymond hoped against hope they would not notice him. But to his dismay, one turned and addressed him, "Young man, where are you from?"

In his very poor English, Raymond managed to stammer, "I am from Hong Kong." Without a moment's hesitation, this striking lady put out her hand and shook his hand and warmly said, " Welcome to Canada!" Then she made a sweeping gesture with her arm and pointed to the mountains and continued, "Look all around you. This is a big country and we need strong young people like you to help us build it!"

Tears come to his eyes when he relates this story. Just three simple sentences. And he says, "her words were a significant factor in my life" on his way to becoming the first ethnic Chinese Canadian to be a member of the Federal Cabinet.

What this unknown lady did was a simple act of kindness based on a wonderful attitude of GENEROSITY! How about, today, beginning to be generous with others?

"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver" (Proverbs 25:11)!