March 22 - Is This All There Is?

Is This All There Is?


Bob Lily tells his story: "In 1972 we beat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, 24 to 3. It was very exciting to finally win an NFL Championship. But I'll never forget the morning after the game.

"Football had been 11 years of my life and I had accomplished all of my goals. Winning the Super Bowl was supposed to be the ultimate. But about 6:30 on the morning after, I walked out on the parking lot of our hotel in New Orleans. There were beer bottles, beer cans and all kinds of trash left from the night before. I remember stumbling around and saying, 'Is this all there is?' This was 11 years of my life and I had accomplished all those goals and yet I was hollow inside. Suddenly, it was over; the elation and joy had burst like a balloon."

 Have you ever admired a sports or music hero? Have you thought you would like to have their lifestyle? I've got a little secret for you...just because you become rich and famous, God has created you and me with an empty hole inside that only God can fill. You can do everything you want to fill that hole...but it's always there and may even get larger and more empty as you live your life. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can fill that empty void. Take it from Bob Lily.

Yes, to finish this story, Bob Lily did become a Christian and discovered that this emptiness was filled! He says, "In 1981, I rededicated my life to Christ and suddenly the light came back into my life!"

Does your life have an empty hole? You can give Him yours and you, too, will find the most fulfilling life you could possibly know!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).