March 17 - Some Laws Of Life For Teens

Some Laws Of Life For Teens


There's an interesting book written by teens for teens, TEEN INK, WHAT MATTERS, telling it like it really is. The following "Laws of Life" was written or compiled by Jade Lauren Tollis (age 18) and I happen to think they are excellent and I don't think I can improve on them. Here they are:

  • Those who live without jealousy and enjoy life are most at peace with those who really are.
  • To grow without character and integrity is building the values of life on sand alone.
  • The argumentative, hostile and antagonistic will never find the tranquility of peacefulness.
  • Treat your neighbor as your brother, blind your eyes to race, religion and color.
  • It does not matter what is in your bank account; what really matters is what is in your "devotions account."
  • To be valued for your honesty is more important than being valued for your valuables.
  • To steal what is yours is only cheating your own self-worth.
  • Being humble with your accomplishments is an excellence the overly proud never achieve.
  • Those with a generous heart will be forever rewarded with life's generous treasures. (Permission)

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have a good understanding" (Psalm 111:10).