March 15 - Can A Lie Ever Be Justified?

Can A Lie Ever Be Justified?


Is lying ever a good thing? There's a clerk who works in a Canadian "Subway" fast food restaurant who might this so.

Here's the story: Two men entered the restaurant and ordered Subway sandwiches but they wanted more than a meal. One of the men pulled a knife on the clerk and demanded cash.

Instead of giving over the cash in the cash register, this quick thinking and acting clerk locked the cash register. Then he came out from behind the counter and disarmed the would-be-robber who then ran outside where his partner in crime had fled. The clerk ran outside, too, caught up with the pair and talked to them and convinced them that he would give them a free sandwich meal if they would just come back inside.

When he had locked the cash drawer he had also set off the silent alarm that rang in the nearby police station. This lie the clerk had told must have been believable. When the police arrived, both of the would-be-robbers were quietly sitting and waiting for their "free" sandwiches. Police made the arrest before the food was served. how was that for quick thinking? "I know you have just attempted to rob me and my store, but how about a 12 inch roast beef sub with all the trimmings?" robber ever expected to hear an invitation like that.

But...was this lie justified? On the positive side, it did lead to the arrest of two thieves. But...does the lie ever justify the end result?

Why do people tell lies? Why do you tell lies? What does God think about lies?

"Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues" (Psalm 120:2).