March 8 - Have You Been To A Funeral, Lately?

Have You Been To A Funeral, Lately?


Have you really been to a funeral...lately? I almost forgot, most teens don't make a habit of attending funerals...elderly folks attend lots of funerals because all of their friends are dying. However, you might learn something at a contemporary funeral.

There is a healthy trend in modern funerals...many friends or family members will stand one by one to tell stories about their late friend. If you listen carefully, a theme may emerge. For example one funeral I attended, the outstanding trait was the willingness of their friend to serve and help others. He was always ready to lend a helping hand no matter what the problem was. One of these friends went into detail about how everywhere he went he kept a toolbox in the trunk of his car "just in case somebody needed something fixed."

You can learn a whole lot about people after their life has been completed. Have you ever given thought to what people might say about you after you have been gone? Life can really be lived after you have decided what you would like to have written on your tombstone. Morbid you may be thinking. Perhaps, but how many of us are taking the long look. How will your life be lived and how will you be remembered?

The great Christian missionary, Albert Schweitzer, was asked to name the greatest living person in the world. He replied, "The greatest person in the world is some unknown individual who at this very moment has gone in love to help another."

Just for today and maybe for you go about doing what teens do, you could also be someone's hero!

"Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you." (III John 1:5)