March 4 - Do You Want To Be A Missionary?

Do You Want To Be A Missionary?


I listened as she spoke, passionately, "I'm in high school and I'm going to college and when I graduate I want to be a missionary. But how do I get started?"

A great question! Thank you for being honest and open. Your desire is commendable. The really cool thing is that you can be a missionary RIGHT NOW! You don't have to wait until you graduate.

Are you aware that the middle school and high school campus is one of the greatest mission fields in America and in other parts of the world? Every day on your campus you have a unique challenge to make an impact on lots of people. You can do what no adult can have the freedom to share Jesus Christ at your school. How about starting today by making a decision to become your school's "campus missionary?" There are lots of things you can do but I suggest the following:

You can PRAY! Pray for fellow Christians. Pray for at least five people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior...yet.

You can LIVE! Live your lifestyle in such a way so that others will be able to see a real Christian on good days as well as bad days. Live it before you talk it.

You can SHARE! Tell your own personal story as to how Jesus changed your life and how He can change their life, too.

You can SERVE! It's at this point where you help others to see that your living for Christ is more than words or talk. Here is Christianity lived out in serving others.

You can GIVE! Here is an opportunity to help other missionaries in other parts of the world. Give through your local church. Give in your neighborhood. Give to others in your school.

"Go and make disciples of all nations..." (Matthew 28:19)!