March 3 - Quiet Time

Quiet Time


Are you one of those teens who are "connected" 24/7? We are living in an amazing time! No generation in world history has had the communication possibilities we have. The possibilities are almost endless. Who else has had Facebook, iPods, MP3 players, Sony PSPs, tweeting, texting, online IMs, cell phones, satellite TV, blogging, e-mails, walkie talkies or even singing telegrams? All at the same time!? Yes, it's possible to stay connected 24/7!

Absolutely, we are a generation of multi-taskers. Perhaps this might sound a bit like an old fogey, but multi-tasking isn't always a good thing! Have your parents ever said, "quit talking on the phone and turn off the TV and quit tweeting while you are doing your homework!"?

Multi-tasking can also be very deadly. Did you hear the news story about six teenagers who were killed because the driver of their van was texting and crossed the median and did a head-on crash with an eighteen wheeler? Driving is NEVER a good time to text or tweet.

Living with constant multi-tasking, connectivity and media overload can put a barrier between us and our Creator. When home do you ever turn off the TV? Do you ever go anywhere without your cell phone or iPod? Are you afraid of "silence"?

When looking at the life of Jesus Christ, have you noticed how often he went "away" and spent time in "solitude" with His Heavenly Father? Solitude and silence take time and about setting aside some time each day for quiet time with yourself and with your Lord, Jesus Christ? Today is not too soon to start!

"Be still and know that I am God..." (Psalm 46:10).