March 1 - Me First

Me First


License plates on cars can say some of the most profound things. I've seen a couple that have caused some thought. How about this? "ME FIRST" or another one proudly proclaimed: "IM NUMBER ONE." Oh, seems to me that we are caught up in a "me first" kind of world. We are all searching for more personal gratification. We are in a world that is more occupied with "me" or "I" as being the most important thing or person in the whole world.

Did you hear about the 17-year-old guy who was stabbed to death by two thugs on a New York City subway car? What is even more tragic is that eleven...that's right 11 people watched it happen and nobody helped, not even at the next stop as he lay in a pool of blood.

Or this one that happened in Orange County, California where a woman was raped and brutally beaten. She shrieked and screamed for her life for 30 minutes until she was so hoarse she couldn't scream any more. Did you also hear that thirty-eight neighbors in that apartment complex heard her screams...but NO ONE even bothered to help or call the police for help! She died the next day!

Talk about being self-centered! Granted, these two stories may be the extreme but this sickness is everywhere! Is there a cure? How can this attitude be turned around?

The answer is simple: PUT OTHERS FIRST!

The life and call of Jesus Christ is to follow Him as our example. He didn't only talk about this...He washed the dirty feet of His followers! He said He came to serve! He came so He could die for others so they could have eternal life! He always put others first!'s your turn!

"So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet" (John 13: 12)!