First Principles - Study 9

Study # 9. Laying on of Hands.

Aim: To show God’s further provision throughout our life, from the Cradle to the Grave.

Cicero said: “The Hand is the witness of our faith. It is our pledge of friendship and token of a contract. With upraised hand we swear to truth. Our hands are channels through which love and trust run”.

Hebrews 6:2.  ‘Laying on of Hands’, is one of the Seven Principles of Jesus teachings.

Gen. 48:11-16 The ‘laying on of hands’, was practiced from the earliest times as a symbol of blessing and good.

Deut 34:9        Moses laid hands upon Joshua.

Gen. 1:27        God made man in His own image.

The one physical difference between Man and the Animal creation is found in the Hand. The Animals cannot cross the thumb on their hands. Man’s ability to do this is the one physical difference  that has allowed man to  progress so far. The Hand is thus the Symbol of Help!

Acts 3:6-8 ‘Took him by the hand’.

‘In Jesus Name’, the laying on of hands denotes help in the realm of the Supernatural.


1) Dedication of Children.

 Matt. 19:13-15. Jesus laid hands on the little children and blessed them.

2) Healing of the Sick. Mark 16:18. Jesus said we are to do this for healing the sick. Acts 28:8 Paul laid hands on him & prayed. (Jesus example Luke 4:40.)

3) Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:18, 9:17, 19:6. Paul laid hands on Timothy (2 T.1:6)

4) Ordination of Elders and Deacons in the Local Church.

                        Acts 14:23. Ordain (Greek: Cheriotonesantes) = ‘to designate by stretching forth the hand’. Deacons also ‘ordained’ in Acts 6:6

5) Ordination to Full Time Ministry to the Church at Large.

                        Acts 13:3 Called by the Spirit, confirmed and ordained by the Prophets and Teachers in the Church.