First Principles - Study 6

Study 6. Baptism into Water.

Meaning: Romans 6:3-5. Verse 3 refers to our Baptism into Christ.

                        Verse 4. “Therefore” we are Buried and raised up again, this is

                        water baptism. This is confirmation of a death.

                        Colossians 2:12. Affirms that we are Buried by Baptism.

Necessity: Acts 10:47-48.

                        Water Baptism was commanded of anyone showing real Christian


                        James 2:18. Faith is to be followed by fruitful works.

                        1 Peter 3:21. It is our Scriptural Testimony of our Salvation.

                        Matthew 3:15 It is our first step in a life of Obedience to Jesus.

Conditions: Acts 8:37 “if thou believest”

                          Acts 2:38  “repent and be baptized”

                          We see that Baptism in Water is to be administered to those who

                          show they truly believe in Jesus and want to follow Him.

                          Acts 16:34 says the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD believed, so every one

                          in that house must have been of an age of understanding.

                          Baptism has nothing to do with denominational affiliation. There are

                          some denominations that teach you become a member of their group

                          when you are baptized. This is not found in Scripture.

Formula: Matthew 28:19

                        Jesus said “baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

                        This is the formula used by the early Church.

                        Paul queried the Ephesians on their manner of water baptism when they said they had not heard of the Holy Spirit. Acts 19:1-6.

Manner: It is clear from many scriptures that immersion in water was the Baptism used.

                        John 3:23  ‘much water’

                        Matthew 3:16 ‘..Jesus…went up straightway out of the water..’

                        Mark 1:9 ‘was baptized of John in Jordan’ not with!

                        Acts 8:38-39 ‘down both into the water’.

Water Baptism then is the next step for a new Believer in Jesus, the first of may wonderful experiences that the Lord has for you.