First Principles - Study 5

Study # 5.  Baptism into Christ.

Aim: To show what we become when we are Saved, and to demonstrate our relationships to one another, and between the Church and the Denominations.

1 Corinthians 12:13. Salvation occurs when the Holy Spirit baptizes a believer into Christ’s body, the Church..

Colossians 1:27          We are now indwelt by the Lord Jesus Christ; so complete is our union with Him. (Galatians 4:19, Eph 3:17)

Philippians 1:11          Christ living in us, will begin to produce fruit. (John 15:4 – 5)

                                    This fruit is listed in Galatians 5:22 – 24.

                                    All Fruit takes time to mature and ripen. Nurture your fruit to bring it to full maturity.

Ephesians 5:30-32      We are members of His Body the Church, each with our own unique function and ability.

                                    Acts 17:24 makes clear that God does not inhabit buildings, but the people who open their hearts to Him.

                                    1 Peter 2:5 indicates we are each ‘living’ stones in this building.

To understand the relationships of the True Spiritual Church, which consists of all Believers, and the various denominations we need to understand that each Christian denomination has it's own organizational rules. I have classed them as:

               Denominations: a) That do not require you to be saved to join them

                                      b) Recommend Salvation, not required.

                                      c) Require Salvation as a prerequisite to Membership.


When you have a group or denomination that does not require Salvation to join, the majority of leadership is usually not loyal to the Scriptures.

A denomination that recommends Salvation, but does not require it, tends to be overburdened with people who like church, but are mostly not real followers of Jesus.

A denomination that requires Salvation before membership, is seeking to have a leadership that will not be influenced by unscriptural standards of life and conduct in it's members.

When you look at what church you wish to affiliate with, whether a denominational or an independant church, it is wise to find out what the requirements for membership really are.