First Principles - Study 4

Study # 4. The Doctrine of Baptisms.

Ephesians 4:5.             “One Baptism”. Paul’s first encounter with these Ephesians in

                                    Acts 19: 1-5. was over Baptisms, and in reading Eph. 4 as a whole

                                    Paul’s teaching is clearly that in context of UNITY there is only

                                    one baptism that brings us together. However we cannot use this

                                    scripture to cancel out the Plurality of Baptisms revealed in the

                                    New Testament.

Hebrews 6: 2.              “BAPTISMS” in the original Greek ‘baptismos’ is the plural form

                                    of the word ‘baptiso’ from the root work ‘Bapto’ meaning to make

                                    fully wet, to immerse or to dip. (Strong’s Greek Dictionary) This word

                                    is carried over into the English without translation except in the

                                    following three verses; Luke 16:24, John 13:26, Rev.19:13.

Acts 8: 38 – 39.           Philip and the Ethiopian, came to water, went both ‘down into’, and

                                    both ‘came up out of’. Clearly immersion was in view.

THREE NECESSARY THINGS – For a Baptism to take place, there must be a medium, or

                                    substance in to which a candidate is immersed by the Baptiser.

There are FOUR BAPTISMS mentioned in the New Testament, and each Baptism takes it’s NAME from the MEDIUM into which the candidate is Baptised.





1 Cor. 12: 13



Holy Spirit

Matt.  28: 19




Mark  10: 38



The World

Matt.    3: 11

Holy Spirit



John 4: 1 – 2. The First and Fourth Baptisms are NOT the same thing, and many are confused in their doctrine, through lack of clarity on these two Baptisms. Scripture is so clear on this, that John tells us that Jesus did not actually baptize people in water himself, but taught others to do so.

Conclusion. The Four Baptisms, follow a logical sequence,

First our Salvation from Sin, then second is our Testimony to Sinners, and Third is our privilege to Suffer for His Name sake, and Fourth, is our enduement of power for continued Witness and Service.