Using the Thinking Chair

chairs-57075 6401. Place the chair where the child will be able to see others learning the lesson in positive ways.

2. Calmly and briefly explain to the child why he must sit in the chair.

3. Leave the child in the chair just 1 minute for each year of his age. Sitting for 4 minutes will seem like a long time to a 4-year-old.

4. After the time elapses, ask the child if he is ready to rejoin the other students and what he plans to do.

5. Depending on the child's response, either affirm his plan or ask him to remain in the chair a little longer.

6. If a child will not stay seated, have a worker sit in the chair and gently, but firmly, hold the child while describing in whispers good ways the child can behave when he rejoins the others.


Sharon Ellard is promotions coordinator, Sunday School Department, Springfield, Missouri. Sunday School. All rights reserved. Used with permission.