Missions Ideas, part 8

"A strategy is an organized plan for arriving at an attainable destination by means of a mission." A strategy empowers and focuses a church missions team to accomplish the primary mission of the church: world evangelization.

Here are several ideas for creating a missions strategy:

  • Create a philosophy of missions (why you support missions)
  • Write an attainable vision for your missions strategy (where you want to be when your mission is fulfilled)
  • Articulate a mission statement for your missions strategy (what you will do to arrive at your vision (destination)
  • Develop short, mid, and long-term objectives that can measure progress towards the vision statement.
  • The overall aim is to get every member thinking about strategy
  • Encourage the team to focus on "the purpose" for the team so they can see the whole picture, not only their unique role.
  • Revisit the philosophy so it will remain aligned to the values, beliefs, doctrines, good traditions, and principles of the church.
  • Include world, home, community, church, and internet ministries in the strategy. Determine the priority of each direction.
  • A strategy works because of believers with passion who take their roles seriously; it takes a team effort.
  • Take time each month, or once a quarter, to review the philosophy, vision, mission, and objectives of the missions strategy.
  • Consider how success or achievement can be measured and identified
  • Be flexible and open to new directions of the Holy Spirit
  • Research the state of world mission needs and current resources (human and material).
  • Communicate with the NTD missions office, AGWM, national home missions, or other missions agencies.
  • Create a working budget and maintain a reasonable reserve
  • Aim at 100% involvement by every member of the church
  • Consider annual meetings to celebrate progress and achievement.