Missions Ideas, part 6

Here are several ideas of roles for your missions teams:

  • Plan effective Missions Sundays
  • Organize missions conventions (Flashpoints)
  • Communicate with missionaries and AGWM/NTD
  • Teach/link church departments with missions
  • Resource church with materials (videos, tracts, publications)
  • Manage missions budget
  • Schedule meetings with missionaries
  • Direct weekly prayer meetings for missions
  • Plan Mission Emphasis Flashpoints
  • Manage mission projects
  • Offer hospitality for missionaries
  • Network with other missions committees
  • Update missions display
  • Advertise missionaries and events
  • Maintain files on missionaries
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Publish a church missions webpage
  • Decorate church for mission events
  • Maintain a missions webpage for church
  • Organize special fundraising events for missions

 Note:  Effectiveness will be measured by how many you involve in church missions, not by how much you do.