Syndicating GCC Missions page to your site

A New Look on GCC's World Missions page

office-1209640 640Global Christian Center's team has designed a new format for the World Missions section of the web site. Here you will find a progressive series of categories; with new articles being added on specific topics relating to World Missions. The articles in these categories are written to deal with the needs of candidates, missionaries and preparation for World Missions. There will be more added each month.

Our Category of "World Missions News" is a little different. This is a news feed with links to articles on other sites with news of missionaries and their endeavors world wide. These articles will have an expiry date, of 60 days from the time of posting on GCC. We are doing this intentionally, so that when you syndicate this category, the news items will be fresh and relevant to your readers.

Please note that the 'Church Service' on the front page of GCC can also be syndicated, and will update automatically once a week.

If your Church is not using our syndication feature please click the 'About Syndication' menu to learn how you can have your Church Web site become an interactive ministry extension of your congregation.

Network211 can provide a personalized web site for your church, with special features built in. This includes 'The Jesus Path' discipleship section where new converts in your congregation can learn the basics of how to follow Jesus, see videos and take lessons from Global University on basic Christianity; all this if free to your users.

For more information check the menu 'Syndication Instructions' or call Network211 for help at (417) 866-6767 ext 71 or 72.

Syndication subscribers to GCC can aslo subscribe to other categories and have them embedded in their own church web site.